The Build Process.  Explained the NE Ski CO Way

So, you want to learn more about how we build skis here at NE Ski CO?  Great!  This page is a work in progress, so be patient and as time progresses, so will this page.  

Step #1 - Beautiful Wood

Well first you get some wood... Actually, lets start at the beginning...

I went to high school in Readfield Maine.  Now, fast forward about 10 years, I buy my wood from a mill in Readfield.  The mill owner and operator's kids are a few years younger than me, but they skied on the same high school teams and had the same coaches as me.  Yes, it is a small community.

Well, I get beautiful hand picked wood and bring it back to my shop where I cut it down, glue it all together, and re-cut the wood so I have nice laminated wooden cores.  After some shaping, sidewalls are added.  Then its to the planer where I give the core it's nice contoured thickness.  If you understood all that, you're amazing.

Seriously though, check out the pictures on the left.  Those will help clarify this process.  Realistically I do all that, with some tricks to insure a consistent, symmetric, strong ski core.  But it all starts with the wood selection.