2018/2019 Freedom Series

We’re proud to introduce the Freedom series - a ski that celebrates the feeling we get when we’re outside up on the mountain: pure, open freedom.  We bet you get a similar feeling when you stand at the top of a run and look down at the clean, crisp expanse of nature below.

That got us thinking; what are we doing, as a company that manufactures skis, to reduce our impact on the environment we call home?  What are we doing for good? If you’re familiar with our process, you might already know that we use only local wood, supporting our logger and miller neighbors and reducing our carbon footprint by reducing shipping costs.  We also use environmentally friendly epoxy. The epoxy (the stuff holding your skis together) that we use has a 35% bio-based carbon content which produces less greenhouse gas emissions than traditional epoxies.  Lastly, our skis are durable. Our bases and edges are about 23% thicker than industry standards. Simply put, longer lasting skis reduce waste.

Oh, and another thing.  We are working with a local artist, Jill Pelto, to design this year’s top sheet.  Her work “raises awareness about interesting and important environmental topics” through truly stunning paintings.  Check it out here: Jillpelto.com. Her work is beautiful, and we truly believe you’ll love how our skis look and feel.

Finally, this year we asked ourselves, how else can we directly impact our local community?  What can we do this year that will transform Maine, in some small way, for the better?  We found this amazing program, WinterKids, that helps children develop healthy lifelong habits through education and fun, outdoor winter activity (https://www.winterkids.org/).  Throughout the 2018/2019 season, North East Ski Company will donate 5% of every sale directly to the WinterKids program.  We’re wicked excited to partner with this community-minded initiative! We want future generations to experience the feeling of Freedom on the slopes and in the wintery wonderland for years to come.